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Feb 01

Over-talkative taxi driver on Indie music

Jan 17


Jan 13

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Jan 07


When people are all “If someone is a virgin, it says a lot about them.”

Um, no. All it says is that they have not had sex. It does not tell you what kind of person they are, except that they are a person who has not yet engaged in sex.

It’s pretty basic.

Seriously. I was voted “most likely to be a 40 year old virgin” in my High School yearbook. Not a virgin, and wasn’t at the time. But I didn’t go around rubbing my exploits in peoples faces so they assume I had never had said exploits. They can go fuck themselves.

And yes, I’m still a little bitter.

Fact. People are fucking stupid.

Dec 13

Australian Exceptionalism -

So this is our economic reality - we are the wealthiest nation in the world with 75.5 per cent of our adult population making it into the global top 10 per cent, our economy has grown faster than nearly all others (certainly faster than all other developed countries), our household income growth has been one of the fastest in the world (including our poor having income growth larger than everyone else’s rich!), we have the highest minimum wages in the world, the third-lowest debt and the sixth-lowest taxes in the OECD and are ranked second on the United Nations Human Development Index.

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Nov 26

I realized today that I have become that which I hate above all:

That guy on CityRail with the annoyingly loud headphones.

Nov 23

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Nov 15

Actually in tears on the train listening to Outside by Childish Gambino

Seriously. This shit is amazing.

Nov 13


Nov 10

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram